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C.A.R.T.Elettronica, headquarters in Trentino, has been working for over 30 years in the telecommunication fields, giving a shape to the transaction from analogical technologies to digital IP signal solutions. With the innovative Interactive Dreams,system, purposes a vanguard solution aimed to give to the Hospitality sector aninteractive TV, immediate services....


Easy code is a software that allows you to manage the queues at the counters by distributing numbered ticket booking services displayed on the monitor in the waiting room. The system can handle 1 to 5 services with a maximum of 12 branches. On the ticket and the number of turns is printed the name of the service, the date, time and name of the institution. The available services may be assigned to one or more branches while every single door can be associated with a single service. The combination of service-door is set in the page dedicated to the administration.

Interactive Health is the solution dedicated to the reality 'of nursing homes, hospitals and homes for the aged. With the new touch-screen, everything becomes easy and convenient. Television, bookings, information, movies, internet and email, in real-time and interactive with the ability also to have an access to the same private health care providers that can so 'access to patient records and other data available on the net.

Fidotivù: C.A.R.T. Elettronica proposes an innovative system as an aid to health facilities, residences for the elderly, to permanently solve the communication needs, alarm management and control and monitoring of processes related to security, with specialized applications in the field of communication and integration of services to be conveyed through any terminal in the tree without distinction to make, model and technology. The proposed innovative nurse call, DECT, IP TV and wi-fi business proposal accompanied by the complete installation services, maintenance, help desk and consulting. Click here for more information

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Ottobre 2009
Interactive Dreams Basic
Interactive Dreams basic: the new C.A.R.T.Elettronica solution over the new TIRION Set-Top-Box that allows the Hotel the digital terrestrial spin off, without substituting the pre-existent TV set and, at the same time, supplies entertainment services such

Ottobre 2009
B&B, Chalet
Interactive Dreams is now available also for small structures such as B&B,Chalets, and so on.
An agressive commercial bundle, so that even small structures having only 15 rooms may use the entertainment and in-room technology solutions developed by C.

luglio 2016
Smart City Week Trento - settembre 2016
C.A.R.T. Electronics was selected to attend the event Smart City Week Trento to be held 10 to 15 September 2016. We will present innovative FidoTiv interactive system running on television, dedicated to families and socially weak

maggio 2016
Mai piu' Set Top Boxes
The Suite "Interactive Dreams" Its now available on TV Philips Media Suite without use of the Set Top Box. With a simple Wifi connection you can manage your TV channels grouped in Play List, Check-in and check-out of the room and many other facilities su

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